The Topshop Story As Told By 1,408,223 Instagram Posts

Topshop’s In-Store Phenomenon

Our analysis shows that since 2014, an increasing number of Topshop fans have begun to tag and post in stores. With the location tag on Instagram, users are able to check-in to their local Topshop, creating earned media for both the brand and store.

We found 291 stores in which users shared their favourite Topshop styles. Dominating in-store social media activity is the flagship store, Topshop Oxford Circus, coming in with a total of 48% of all in-store posts. The flagship store attracts an average of 28,000 customers every day, they are clearly inspiring their shoppers to post about their brand.

Location, Location, Location

From our location-based analysis, we see a correlation between Instagram’s growth and the social activity of Topshop users.  In 2014, the US activity was concentrated in six major cities: New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Fast-forward to present day 2016, and the Topshop brand has swept the nation; the US now accounts for 17.65% of all Topshop stories.

As for the UK, there is significant growth within the maps as well. But this does not relate to the expansion of the brand, since it has been a major UK fashion empire since the 1990s. Instead, this shows the growth and popularity of Topshop activity on Instagram.

The Power of Individuals and Microbloggers

The Topshop Story showcases how individuals and microbloggers have the potential to make an impact for the brand across social media, creating authentic stories that reach an audience across the globe. This ability to gain from social media channels is what makes UGC content key component to Topshop’s growth as a multinational fashion retailer.

Thanks to the Preen.Me BI team, Maddie Toth for pulling all the analysis together and Stanislav Bondarets and Patricia Santillan for the big data work.

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Written by PREEN.ME