IT Cosmetics: The Social Story 

Originally launched in 2008 by husband and wife team Jamie Kern and Paulo Lima in their small studio apartment, IT Cosmetics today sells 300+ beauty products, is available in more than 200 US beauty stores and has a strong presence on QVC.

We wanted to see how this impressive beauty growth story is reflected in the social stories (User Generated Content) consumers have told about IT Cosmetics. We gathered a total of 159,389 Instagram IT Cosmetics posts. Out of those posts, our system identified 103,276 unique user generated posts that were clearly associated with the brand between 2014 and July 2016. These 103,276 posts were created by 33,389 IT Cosmetic fans, resulting in 9,855,072 social actions.

In other words, every IT Cosmetics customer that initiated a conversation around the brand actually initiated an average of no less than three conversations, generating close to 300 responses. That’s the power of products people love.

As seen in the graphs below, we see a constant, if not dramatic, year after year growth in the stories consumers tell about IT Cosmetics

Location, USA

Our location-based analysis shown below clearly shows that the social conversation surrounding IT Cosmetics is primarily focused in the USA (83.9%), while the rest (16.1%)  of the conversation is spread around a few international hotspots.

Stories by Consumers 

The median of 35 and the 95.42 average social actions per post suggest that the social conversations are generated by many consumers and not by super-influencers. 

QVC & Ulta

What is interesting to note is that the most tagged location on Instagram associated with an IT Cosmetics post is an Ulta store, while nearly 2% of all the posts also mention QVC in their caption.

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Disclaimer: Preen.Me has run social campaigns for IT Cosmetics.

Written by PREEN.ME