Top Ten International Beauty Icons

Preen.Me fans span every inch of the globe, and as a result, the beauty icons you all take inspiration from are from far flung corners as well. So we wanted to know who you are all inspired by, and the women you listed were not only gorgeous and elegant, they were amazingly talented and driven and inspire us to not to forget our dreams, and to look fabulous throughout the journey.

So here they are, the international beauty icons from around the world that inspire you:

1)Michelle Phan: At only 26 and already a Youtube sensation (she is the number one Youtube channel in Japan!), we here at Preen.Me have a special place in our hearts for Michelle. She inspires everyone to become their own best makeup artist and her videos are laugh at loud funny to boot. We hope she never stops.

2)Lucille Ball: Who doesn’t love Lucy? Lucy’s groundbreaking comedy routine kept her young forever. She taught us that poking fun at ourselves is perhaps the sexiest thing ever.



3)Pink: Pink wears her heart on her sleeve and makes no apologies about refusing to be a cookie cutter pop star. Her distinctive husky voice stands out as much as her adventurous hair looks. She is truly an inspiration in resetting the beauty standard.



4)Dita Von Teese: Dita repopularized the burlesque performance and classic pin up girl look. She is a modern day Ava Gardner and is an inspiration for uber-fair skinned girls everywhere who are not afraid to be a bit sassier than expected.



5)January Jones: Jones, known for her role as Don’s brooding housewife on Mad Men, is one of those perfect beauties we love to hate. But we can’t. Jones’ talent is unstoppable because she manages to poke a bit of Betty inside all of us, the part of us that yearns for a more exciting life than the ones we have. Also, she is so dedicated to her art, January spends hours in the makeup chair to become Fat Betty Draper. What a woman.



6)Beyonce: Beyonce may have been born in the States, but she has reached international superstardom like few before her. No one on this planet can strut like her, complete with those killer legs and naughty hair flips. She has accomplished more in her 32 years than we could ever hope to. Let’s all just take a moment to bow down to this woman.



7)Anne Curtis: One of the most popular celebrities in the Phillipines, Anne was only 14 when she started in show biz. The first to admit she’s no singer, Anne worked her way up to become one of Australia’s hottest fashion icons, singers and recording artists. Her story is a testament that hard work and a spunky attitude can get you anywhere.


8)Malley Roncale: Malley is a first generation Filipina American, a highly succesful makeup artist and founder of Mally Beauty. Roncale was going to be a dermatologist and then switched careers because she wanted to make people understand that looking good makes people feel good. She credits her mom as her beauty inspiration. Smart and a mama’s girl? Let’s learn from this one.



9)Paula Echevarria: Echevarria is the most searched for personality in Google Spain, and for good reason. If there was ever a trensdetter, Paula Echevarria is it. On top of her stand out movie roles, she runs a successful fashion blog from Elle Magazine that showcases her edgy yet feminine style.



10)Oprah: The ultimate media mogul and rule breaker, there is pretty much nothing Oprah can’t do. Oprah resonates with her smile, her compassion, and she seems to get that much more beautiful and elegant as the years pass.



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